We think causes that matter to the local community are important and offer our support wherever we can. Throughout the year our managed houses play host to a varied programme of community-based events, such as the Northern & Southern Quiz Leagues and The Pool & Darts League. In addition, our Head Office staff regularly support both local and UK-wide charity campaigns.

H&B January 2018 PUPdate

This is our first pupdate of 2018 and we have some very exciting news.

Our first Guide Dog application has been approved and our Guide Dog has officially been named… BREARLEY.

Congratulations to the many of you that selected our chosen name.  

As per the guide dog process, we have to wait around 11 weeks for our little Brearley to be born and then we will receive a birth certificate and a number of photos. After 12 weeks, our pup will go to live with their trainer and begin the big journey into becoming a Guide Dog for a blind person in need.

Another bundle of exciting news is that over the Christmas period our total reached an amazing £13,320!!

Please make sure to thank your team and customers for their contributions. Our target is to still purchase two guide dogs at a total of £20,000 so only £6,680 to go!

We'd also like to congratulate the Central for being our top fundraiser of 2017 raising an amazing £1,312 – Thank you to Emma and her team and the Spar shops for beating their overall target by 5% which is a fantastic achievement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow, diversify and continue being the Isle of Man's leading group of companies. We invest in our people and community to be a responsible leader in all our sectors.